Meet The Team #4 – Loric

Meet The Team #4 – Loric

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With Meet The Team, Draw Me A Pixel introduces you to the people behind its games. We promise, no one bites. At least not yet!



What is your job and can you describe your role within the team?
I'm the Art Director. Basically, my job is to ensure that our game is visually coherent, but also has an artistic direction that meets our expectations. But that's not all, since I'm also there to manage our relationships with partner studios, as well as providing technical expertise on softwares we need to use, whether for 3D or animation.



What was your background, before joining Draw Me A Pixel?

After obtaining my high school diploma, I joined the Emile Cohl school, which offers courses in publishing (comics, books...), video games and animation. Originally, I wanted to be an animator, but in the end I opted for video games, which allowed me to do what I'm passionate about... while allowing me to specialize in real-time animation!

I did my end-of-study internship with my professor, Michael Bolufer, and worked with him on Accused #2 Walter Sisulu, which introduced me to some incredible people from whom I learned a lot. Following this, Michael founded Manette, a studio specializing in real-time animation for the audiovisual industry, and we continued to work together for three years. Then Pascal asked me to become Art Director on the next Draw Me A Pixel project, and here I am!



What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

What I love most of all is that no two days are alike. You get up in the morning and suddenly find yourself imagining or drawing things you'd never thought of before. And I also love the fact that the video game industry is made up of such enriching and imaginative people. We're all just like big kids, and that's a lot of fun!

And what do I like less? The work can be intense, so you have to constantly monitor yourself when you're remote working, so you don't forget to take breaks in a busy day. Finally, on a more amusing note, it still makes me feel funny to think back to the introverted child I was, who used to draw without asking anyone for anything, and now sometimes finds myself having to run a meeting!



Which chapter from There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is your favorite?

Without a doubt, the first few minutes of the game, when we get to know Game and he tries to get us to leave the game by any means necessary. In my opinion, this immediately sets the There Is No Game tone, that is very meta jokes in a quirky, so-British style!



What are your favorite video games besides There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?

Right now? Kingdom Two Crowns, for its incredible art direction and music. I'm also thinking of Yes Your Grace, whose universe really transported me. But in the end, the game that gave me the bug was none other than Warcraft III. It may sound classic, but I have fond memories of my childhood, watching my father play it while thinking that, yes, video games really are something cool! What if there's a little room left? Let's just mention Ori and the Blind Forest, Magicka 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2. And probably lots more role-playing games!