Draw Me A Pixel is an indie game studio founded in 2017 by industry veterans. What makes us special? Being 100% remote working with team members living in (almost) all of France!
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (2020)
After making our first game, There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension and then porting it to various platforms, the team is now busy creating a brand new title!


Pascal Cammisotto

CEO & Almost Everything

Also known as "Creator" in There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, Pascal is the CEO of Draw Me A Pixel. He has a talent for game design, as well for writing and a whole host of other things. He's everything, everywhere, all at once.

Sophie Peseux

Executive Officer & UX Designer

Sophie is our heroine who takes on the hydras of studio management. But that's just one of her many talents, as this interface specialist also makes our games understandable at a glance, or find an excellent restaurant in less than two minutes.

Guillaume Vidal

Lead Code

Guillaume is a veteran who has worked on a number of games. Today, he puts his talents to good use at Draw Me A Pixel as a coder, technical consultant and even technical support. He's a true Swiss Army knife who can adapt to the challenges of any twisted game design.

Loric Garriguenc

Art Director

Loric ensures that our games have a coherent and gorgeous artistic direction. When he’s not busy producing graphics, he’s essentially piloting our production partners, or shaking his head to metal music.

Elsa Macé

3D Animator

Elsa is a wizard who brings pictures to life. Without her, our games would probably just be a series of photos. And it's said that she has a catapult, "like all Bretons". So it's best to avoid bothering her.

Duy Kévin Nguyen

Gameplay Programmer

The sparkle in Duy's eyes hides a true coding powerhouse. He's the one who brings together art, animation, gameplay and technique to bring the game to life, usually with lightning bolts in all directions. Yes, a bit like Doctor Frankenstein, but without shouting "It's alive".

Freddi Malavasi

Associate Producer & Communication Manager

After a long career in the video game press, Freddi joined Draw Me A Pixel to help the studio stay organized, manage communications and do a little of game design. And if you ask him why he likes cats so much, he'll just reply, "Cats are nice".



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