Meet The Team #5 – Fred

Meet The Team #5 – Fred

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With Meet The Team, Draw Me A Pixel introduces you to the people behind its games. We promise, no one bites. At least not yet!



What is your job and can you describe your role within the team?
I'm Associate Producer and Communication Manager. On the one hand, I help the team stay organized and meet deadlines. On the other, I manage the studio's communication, whether it's the community on social networks or convincing someone at a convention that our game is great by talking loudly in their ear. And when I have a bit of free time, I also help Pascal move forward by doing some game design. Yes, my days are very varied.



What was your background, before joining Draw Me A Pixel?

Well, I've done a lot of things before: Welder, security guard, security guard trainer, journalist and then editor-in-chief for a French video game magazine called Canard PC. In the end, I spent most of my career in video games, since I worked for Canard PC for 14 years.



What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

As Associate Producer, the answer is simple: it's a great feeling when everything's going well, and it's horrible when something goes wrong. As a Communication Manager, I of course love being in contact with people, and the worst thing that can happen to me is that I can't find my words, especially in front of someone. Well, I guess. It's never happened to me yet. And I hope I won't be around when it does.



Which chapter from There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is your favorite?
Without a doubt, chapter 2 with Sherlock and Watson brought back many fond memories of old point-and-click! And I loved the "behind-the-scenes" aspect when you explore the environment and discover a whole bunch of theatre-like panels.



Finally, what are your favorite video games besides There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?
I think I'm a well-rounded gamer, able to enjoy a wide variety of games, but if I have to pick out a few, then they'll definitely be the point-and-click games from the LucasArts period: The Secret of Monkey Island, Discworld, Sam & Max Hit The Road... I love telling stories and making people laugh, so these games were perfect for me. But if you like, I've got a list of my 250 favorite games. No? Are you sure? Even if I list them very quickly without catching my breath? Awww, come on.