Meet The Team #6 – Elsa

Meet The Team #6 – Elsa

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With Meet The Team, Draw Me A Pixel introduces you to the people behind its games. We promise, no one bites. At least not yet!



What is your job and can you describe your role within the team?

I am a 3D animator. Iam the one who makes the characters move, who gives them life. I also sometimes work on the rig, i.e. the character's skeleton, depending on my needs.



What was your background, before joining Draw Me A Pixel?

I've just completed five years of 3D animation at Waide Somme, an animation and video game school in Amiens. Alongside my studies, I spent two years working on a hybrid documentary, Sang d'Encre, which follows the journey of a young man suffering from leukemia. For two years, I supported the project and directed the animation team responsible for feeding certain passages of the documentary.

Once I'd graduated and Sang d'Encre had been nominated at several festivals, I was hired as a game artist and game developer at the mobile video game studio where I'd done my end-of-study internship: Pinpin Team. I liked the versatility of the job and the team of cheerful Pinpins, but the projects, commissioned by external publishers, and the pace of production didn't leave much room for creativity. So I set out to find an independent studio.

My quest lasted almost a year, during which time I self-published a zany comic strip with a friend (it's called Commissaire Poisson, for the curious). I was beginning to despair: offers were few and far between, and rarely associated with a project I liked. Then, one fine summer's morning, I received a positive response to a particularly interesting offer I'd applied for: from Draw Me A Pixel. And here I am!



What are the best and worst aspects of your job?
  • Worst: having to be constantly inspired and focused, not so easy! I have to be extremely rigorous without losing my spontaneity... It's a real masochistic job!
  • Best: when I give life to a character, I feel like a goddess who gives the breath of life to her creatures (modesty be damned, but don't forget: it's still a masochistic job!).



Which chapter from There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is your favorite?

You're going to laugh! I haven't finished the game, I'm stuck on ice in space!



What are your favorite video games besides There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?

I love Point & Click, puzzle platformers and survival games. My favorite games include Inside, Little Nightmares, Don't Starve, Kingdom: New Lands, Hollow Knight (but I'm crap, so I didn't get very far), Among Us (because as well as being a masochist, I'm probably a bit of a psychopath), and the one I spend the most time on: Minecraft.